BHM: Coy Cartwright Says Come On Y'all

Coy Cartwright has been a Spartan since he was in Pre-K and is the youngest of 3 children. He currently holds the attendance record at SMSD with just one other student, but his parents are not surprised. When it comes to his future, his mom and dad have always committed to being hand’s on and have high expectations for all their children. His dad is a police officer with the City of Stafford.

From age 2, Coy has been advanced in reading, drawing and building and notably gifted beyond his years.

I am so proud of him. [Back in 2nd grade] I first noticed that his art work was very advanced for his age on the first day of school. I told him he truly has a gift and not to let anyone or anything distract him from his talents.”

Gena Hyppolite, Stafford Elementary School Teacher

His parents are doing their best to keep up with him. Most recently on Christmas Day 2020, Coy asked for a couple of Lego sets that only took 30 minutes to build before the day was even over. His mom Mrs. Catrina Cartwright watched in awe and said, “Well, we’re done with that gift.”

Over the last year, Coy started thinking up a business plan where his art could serve the community and greater good. He decided to put his art onto t-shirts, but his parents were hesitant at first. However, Coy stayed persistent and kept making proposals until they finally agreed.

Coy remembers the moment he came up with his business motto, "One day I thought to myself with everything that is happening: injustice, protests, and COVID-19…come on y’all bring peace to the world."

His mom knew people wouldn’t invest in a product unless people understood the message behind it, and when she saw how emotionally invested Coy was in making a difference, she had to change her mind.

Coy wanted to put his feelings onto a t-shirt. My husband and I heard more about what he wanted to do with his gift, so in January we started a website to showcase his statement and future art. [On top of this] he is an A and B honor roll student and [has had] perfect attendance since Pre-K. He's taking Pre AP classes also. He’s doing big things.”

He is currently selling merchandise for Black History Month online including t-shirts and hoodies starting at $15.



I’m excited that he’s taken his passion for art in a direction to help the community at large. At the start of this year, he had challenges fitting art into his schedule, but he has stayed creative and found ways to express himself. He’s sending a great message and is building a better future. All students should strive for that.”

Liza Knight-Mendonca, Stafford Middle School Counselor

Coy has a big fan base with unwavering support from his parents, siblings, grandparents, godparents, and Wheeler Ave church family, who tell him they are proud of him every day. Stafford MSD also fully supports Coy Cartwright and we look forward to watching him continue to excel in his studies and business pursuits.

Coy Cartwright's Achievements
2016 Outstanding Achievement President’s Education Awards from President Obama
2017 Award of Excellence Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo School Art Program
2018 First Place Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo School Art Program
2019 Best of Show Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo School Art Program
2019 Outstanding Attendance for 6 Years at Stafford Elementary School