BHM: Masks by Makayla Brown

In honor of Black History Month, it's perfect time to celebrate our students on campus working passionately for community causes. Makayla Brown is currently in 6th grade and has been attending Stafford since PK-4 where the teachers are nice and she loves all of her friends.

"Stafford is amazing," Makayla says matter-of-factly.

Last March when the pandemic started, Makayla asked her mom to teach her how sew. Makayla thought it was easy and caught on quick. Since then, she has been non-stop creating masks, headbands, bows, and tote bags.


What was once a machine tucked away in a house closet has now grown into a business and it has even become a family affair. Her sister helps her iron and bag the items, while her mother assists with purchasing and customer service. 

She is currently selling her merchandise on Instagram and Etsy. Masks are an item in high demand during COVID-19 and her designs come in a variety of sizes starting at $5.

Makayla celebrated her 12th birthday on January 23 and she plans to continue to grow the business. She would like to go into more design work and eventually start offering products like clothes. Clothes take longer to design, but she is ready for the challenge.

In her free time she likes to read, watch movies, skate, ride her bike, and of course, sewing.

She wants the SMSD community to know her business and work is inspired by,
"people who can't make masks and to keep everyone safe during the pandemic."

SMSD thinks that Makayla Brown is amazing!